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GERMANY: 40-50 actor for Star Wars fan film

Hi people! I’m looking for an actor for a unique project! A fan film, Star Wars, about 12-15 minutes long. The focus is Darth Maul, which here, unlike in the movie, is the protagonist. He must confront a group of 6 Jedi Knights. This group is led by a wise, but idealistic Jedi master, who has a young student (played by Svenja Jung) at his side. For the role of Jedi Master I’m looking for an actor. Abotu 40-50, tall, strong/athletic build, experienced and wise look. Master and student have a strong father-daughter relationship. Good American English, Swordfighting & martial arts experience would be of great benefit! You can see here a teaser about the project: expected to be 6-7 days of shooting on weekends in September. These days should take place 2-3 training in advance for rehearsals and choreography. If you are interested please contact me:

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