Casting Notice

GB: two teenage actors for short film

We are looking for two young actors for lead roles in a short film which will be shot June 24th-July 5th in London/South of England. The film is a tender, poignant and funny love story about a pregnant 14-year old boy battling his feelings of unrequited love for the baby’s teenage mum. Auditions will be held this weekend, May 24th and 25th in London. Please contact producer Ina Remme on 0742 988 4508 or to arrange a slot or for more information. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Male 15-17 Caucasian. ALEX: 14 Alex is a wild, impulsive and headstrong young teenager. He has a confidence that comes from naivety and innocence rather than arrogance. He is from a working class background. Partial nudity/topless/stomach only. Female 15-17 Caucasian. VICTORIA: 14 Victoria is confident and mature for her age. She dances ballet (no dancing required in the film), and has a knowing charm about her. She is from an upper middle class background

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