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GB: scandinavian male, 40-50 for film

iFeatures Feature Film (Feature Film) Please read the breakdowns carefully before submitting. Looking for a Nordic (Dutch/Swedish/Danish/German) or American Actor ONLY for this role. Must have excellent English! The director works well with ‘real’ people, so no put on accents or ‘they can look 17 even though they are 22’. They need to be genuine for this one. Closing Date: 30/09/2014 : 23:59 Pay category: Equity / PACT Production dates: 20-October – 22 November in Surrey : 22 days, 11 day fortnights. Rehersals: 3-5 days before the shoot Location: Shoot: Surrey This is a low budget feature film. It is one of a slate of 3 projects for new directors funded by BBC Films, BFI and Creative England under the iFeatures umbrella. The director is an exceptionally talented with a unique voice and also one of ‘Screen International’s Stars of Tomorrow’. The story is a father’s search for his troubled daughter, who may have faked her own alien abduction. Restrictions aged from 40 to 50 Gabriel (Male, 40: 50) THIS IS THE LEAD ROLE. WE ARE LOOKING FOR AN ACTOR WHO HAS SOME PROFILE IN HIS OWN COUNTRY. THE FILM IS BACKED BY BBC / BFI / CREATIVE ENGLAND AND WILL DO WELL AT FESTIVALS. SCRIPT AVAILABLE ON REQUEST. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ACTORS “WHO CAN DO THE ACCENT” BUT GENUINE NATIVES. Looking for a Nordic (Dutch/Swedish/Danish/German) or American Actor ONLY for this role. Gabriel is the lead role. He is the father of 17 year old Lucidia. He’s an archaeologist who has lived in the South of England for the past 20 years or so. His wife (Lucidia’s mother) died in a mysterious accident 10 years ago. When Lucidia disappears in an apparent alien abduction and he is thrown into the modern fantasy-obsessed world of her teenage friends. This forces him to examine his own painful memories of how his wife died. Gabriel is a charismatic outside. Distinctive looking (not an everyman type), he is otherworldly with troubled, unconventionally handsome, rugged looks. Gabriel is intense and obsessive, dark with an off beat imagination. The actor who plays this role will have to be able to cross divide of adult and teenager without looking like a pervy old man hanging with kids(!) Height: Any Appearance: Scandinavian, White Pay category: Equity / PACT Agreements: 4 weeks shoot + 1 week Rehearsal/Travel/Fittings Weekly Rate: Basic £488 + 50%. Total: £732 Do NOT apply for this job unless you fit ALL the characteristics and can attend an audition (which is not paid) in the location above. See here on how to apply to this casting notice: Send your details: including 2 photos (max 100kb), your CV and a link to your showreel (required): to the following address:

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