Casting Notice

GB: Polish actors/filmmakers

CALLING ALL POLISH ACTORS AND FILMMAKERS IN LONDON! We are making a comedy drama series about Polish people in London: and if you’re a filmmaker or a Polish-speaking actor we want you to join us. L = local LONDON based actors only! This is a professional production aimed at a Polish audience: it’s unique because: – all action takes place in London and dialogue is mostly Polish (will be English/Polish duel subtitles) – each episode lasts between 2-3 minutes – we have guaranteed distribution on a new exciting global platform: smartphone & tablets only! We are the very first to do this and want you to join us as we embark on this journey. We begin filming the pilot episodes early next year. We have the story and an outline of characters: but we want to meet actors first to build the characters around. If you are a filmmaker or a Polish-speaking actor (or studying acting in London) we would like to meet you. We are holding a Meet’n’Greet evening on Tuesday 18th November at the Phoenix Artist Club in central London. The creators of the show, producer and director will be there. If you’d like to join us, simply send an email to: Look forward to hearing from you!

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