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GB: male actor, 30-40, fit, for action movie [L]

I am looking for an actor for a short film to be shot towards the end of March (current dates are 16th-23rd).

The film is post-apocalyptic (somewhere between Mad Max Fury Road and The Road). There will be a lot of action, chase scenes, some fights and general running, I don’t want to use stunt doubles so am looking for actors who are happy to do lots of action.

I am based in Coventry and am currently looking to film in Wolverhampton and Birmingham, I am looking for actors based in the West Midlands. The film will be shot mostly outdoors and in old desolate buildings. The budget is expenses only.

Summary of film: It is fifteen years after the collapse of the world and of civilisation, and a father and his young naïve daughter are surviving in a world full of gangs. In one-area lives the most feared gang, they are run by the leader known as the preacher. Society has drastically changed and there is no social order left, gangs fight one another for territory and in order to survive, the father craves for social order but has accepted it has been lost forever and he must raise his daughter in a place with no rules and no structure. The daughter was born into the apocalypse and knows nothing else of the world than what is around her, although she only knows life with her father she wants to break away from his protection and to find her own feet. She is brave and fearless; she does not see the preacher and his gang as a threat but rather as an opportunity for a better way to live. The daughter wants to join the gang but the father does everything he can to stop this from happening, which in turn pushes her further away.


  • Preacher (name in progress)
  • Screen age: 30-40
  • Appearance: tall, slim, clean, wears black priest costume
  • About: he is a powerful leader of one gang and ruler of the area. Everyone is afraid of him, he is powerful and evil, he enjoys causing pain.

If you are interested, have any questions or want to know more about the film please get in touch with me.

I look forward to hearing from you

Casting Location(s):Coventry, GB
Language(s) Needed:
Actor Gender:Male
Playing Age:30 - 40
As this is expenses-only, you can apply for this role whether you are a PRO ACTOR on enCAST or not.
Closing Date:Tue 23rd February, 2016
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