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GB: actors, 15-25, for web series pilot [L]

CASTING for a webseries pilot, looking for 3 male and 3 female actors with a range of playing ages from 15-25.

The Play’s the Thing is a vlog-style webseries about a youth theatre where competing egos and visions threaten to pull every attempt at serious theatre to pieces. With characters loosely based on Midsummer Night Dream’s Rude Mechanicals and future longer story arcs to be inspired by and based around all kinds of classic theatre, it’ll be a fast, fun, hopefully clever and funny ride.

Casting on Sat 27th February in central London; shooting in late April/early May depending.

Will be expenses-based only for everyone involved, but once we’ve got the pilot under our belt and move towards funding a longer series we are absolutely aiming to change that. (Shooting the pilot does not mean you’re committing to anything long term, though, don’t worry!)

Synopsis: when pretentious theatre graduate Nick Bottom moves in with his aunt and uncle, and their bored teenage daughter Frankie, in a sleepy south England village, he immediately decides to join (and take over) the local youth theatre. His intentions of making some real art are immediately shut down when he realises that the youth theatre currently consists of four members; everyone else has stormed out, dissatisfied with Peter’s leadership.  Nick – and cousin Frankie, dragged along against her will – meet Peter, the self-appointed leader of the pack, who has decided that a six-strong cast will do just perfectly for his next project. Intent on taking control, Nick engages him in a heated competition for the coveted Spring Play directorship. While Peter’s girlfriend Suzie attempts to maintain order and makes a lot of tea, and youngest member Tommy Snout starts a video-blog documenting his youth theatre in all its shambolic glory, Frankie is cornered by Robin, the keen but ignored stage manager. As the day goes on, Frankie and Robin emerge as unlikely allies and manipulators, and before the day is out the world of the Mechanicals’ Youth Theatre is shaken to its very core…


A pretentious artiste, the kind of theatre director who holds a cigarette like a prop and thinks of himself as a great ladies man. He’s come to stay with his aunt and uncle rather than immediately looking for a job after graduation, and joins the youth theatre to get some actual directing experience. His smooth exterior is slowly unravelled as the day goes on, his petty and ridiculous side revealed.

The big shot of the local youth theatre scene – he left his grammar school education behind at 18 and has been living off his parents’ money (and in his parents’ house) ever since. Acts like an old-school Shakespearean, eloquent and charming but set in his ways. He could have gone to university, but likes being a big fish in the small village too much. His world is disrupted by the entirely unwelcome arrival of Nick, and the vlog project started by Snout.

Welsh, girlfriend of Peter, the real powerhouse of the Mechanicals. Runs the theatre, serves the tea, calls the meetings to order; knows everything about everyone in the village. Is very taken with Nick, but he begins to lose his charm as the day goes on.

Nick’s cousin, who gets dragged along to the Mechanicals and press-ganged by her aunt and uncle into spending time with Nick – for now, until she gets her break working in film/TV. Entirely unimpressed by Nick, by the Mechanicals, by the emerging ‘all-important’ competition – entirely unimpressed, in fact, by everything. Until she meets Robin…

The put-upon stage manager of the Mechanicals, still paying her dues under Peter’s rule but doing it cheerfully – but with every day, getting closer to the straw that’ll break the camel’s back. Sees an immediate potential ally in Frankie, and emerges as an unlikely manipulator to get what she wants and take both Nick and Peter down a few notches with a smile and a cup of tea.

Young, slightly hapless, charming in a boyish way. Big on computers and video games, probably gets sent to youth theatre by parents who worry about him not having many friends. Starts the vlog project as a way to while away the boring rehearsals.

Casting Location(s):London, GB
Language(s) Needed:
Actor Gender:Male/Female
Playing Age:15 - 25
If you are under 16 then please make sure you have the permission of a parent or guardian to complete this casting application, or that a parent or guardian completes this application on your behalf.
As this is expenses-only, you can apply for this role whether you are a PRO ACTOR on enCAST or not.
Closing Date:Fri 26th February, 2016
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