Casting Notice

GB: 2 male actors, 18-30, for film

I am looking for two actors aged 18-30 to play the following characters:

Kent Jackson: Kent is the most posh, upper class 20 year old you’ll meet, he often spends time writing essays on classic literature watching Daily Politics, reading poems, and then after he’ll go out to a house party, snort coke off a ladies stomach, hot-box a mini cooper, then go home and work off the hangover with some red wine and Edam.

Phil Danstien: Phil is obsessed with Sci-fi, comics, cartoons, video games, mostly the stuff he was meant to have grown out of by the time he turned 16, but even at the age of 21 he still stays up late to buy the latest issue of The Transformers comic the day it’s released in America.

Please contact for more details!

Casting Location(s):Cornwall, GB
Language(s) Needed:
Actor Gender:Male
Playing Age:18 - 30
Payment:Not specified - contact production for details
Closing Date:Mon 21st March, 2016
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