Casting Notice

FRANCE: seeking actors for student film in Paris

** PARIS & AREA ACTORS ONLY ** Seeking for talented actors for the student film “Le Paiement”. Logline: An audition where things, might not be so fictional. Casting for the following characters: * ODO: A strategic and analytical individual with a serious and intimidating look. His sharp and decisive misdemeanor evokes threatening thoughts. He’s an extremely smart middle age leader with a dark soul. * BRYS: An opportunist and stubborn young apprentice, who is a follower not a leader. He’s street smart, with a dangerous attitude and a hot temper. Has very little patience and reacts very passionately towards situations. * AURELIEN: A young up and coming actor, who seeks challenges that can give him his big break as an actor. Even though he is attractive, he’s still very charming and charismatic, but at times insecure and naive. Likes to analyze and process situations, instead of acting on the spot. Shooting dates: May 14th and May 15th: Paris Compensation: This gig is not financially compensated. We offer are paid meals, transportation, and a copy of the film as soon as it becomes available. Audition details Date: Thursday April 10th Time: 5:45PM: 8:00PM Script, address and appointment time will be provided after inquiry. If interested and for more information please contact: Andreina Ramos Casting Director

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