Casting Notice

FRANCE: male 18-24 & female 41-50 for filming in August

‘A Summer in Avignon’ is a soon to be shot Independent feature length, narrative drama set in and filmed on location in Avignon, France and London, England. Written and Produced by Director Tom O’Dwyer. ‘A summer in Avignon’ tells the story of SOPHIE (Early 20’s) a city professional who becomes emotionally exhausted after she loses everything meaningful from her life one evening. Sophie’s solution is to leave it all behind and escape to a picturesque camp-site in the southern French town of Avignon. Whilst there she meets laid back camp-site owner BERNARD (Late 50’s). The pair form a Father/Daughter relationship over the course of several months and gain new perspectives on life from one another. Auditions are to be held on Sunday 17th of August in Avignon; with filming to commence later that same day through to the 21st for ‘Maxwell’ and the 22nd for ‘Henriette’. If you can’t be sure to be available for those dates please don’t apply as dates are fixed. Food, Hotel accommodation and Transport to and back from Avignon will be covered by expenses for successful applicants. A Summer in Avignon aims to be a truly collaborative experience for actors who can breathe life into characters on a page and make them into three dimensional human beings, making them their own. * Maxwell male 18-24 is the handsome, young, cool, camp-site worker who guides Sophie when she first arrives at the camp-site and then progresses to become romantically involved with her. Maxwell plays the ideal guy until he is rejected by Sophie one night. He then shows his harder, darker side and attempts to get her fired ensuing in a fiery argument with his boss BERNARD until it culminates in his quitting and walking out. Audition is 17th of August in Avignon. Filming is 17th August until the 21st. * Henriette female 41-50 is the Stalwart, faithful, hard worker who administers the camp-site. She is camp owner Bernard’s right hand woman and is the only character who puts Bernard in his place. Henriette is suspicious of Sophie appearing at the camp-site and is slow to trust her. Henriette is Cynical, Pessimistic, Direct, pragmatic and hard-working. Henriette is French and speaks little english. Audition is 17th of August in Avignon. Filming is 17th August until the 22nd. See:

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