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FRANCE: American actors for film dubbing

Hi everybody, We are finishing the post production of a western short film (40 min) and we are currently needing two actors (from 20 to 35 years old) who could dub two characters in the movie. You will need to have to speak english natively (you don’t need to be American but you do need to be able to imitate a credible neutral (or southern) American accent. The project is a self funded graduation short film so we cannot pay you (except for travel expenses), but you this will only take about 2 hours of your time and you will be offered amazing drinks once the session is over! There are only 5 lines for each actor to deliver, but it’s challenging task as you will have to bring the credibility the on-screen characters need. the recording session will take place in Paris during the upcoming week. If you are interested, please let me know, and send me some example of your work/voice (videos, recordings, short films, anything you may have) so i can see if it fits with the characters. See you soon! Wilhelm

This casting is now closed.

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