Casting Notice

FRANCE: actors for short art movie

‘Pluck’ tells the story of twenty something Anais, who, while traveling through Europe on her own, visits a small village in Italy. Staying within the walls of an old Castle, now turned into a small hotel, she’s drawn to a young man who appears to be the escort of a much older woman. When she spends the afternoon exploring the local scenery, she discovers the unexpected about the place and herself. ‘Pluck’ looks to push the boundaries of the connotations surrounding female sexuality while rendering the sensuality and sensitivity of our inner experience, hoping to stir universality with the realization of our psychological reality. Visually, the film seeks to capture the visceral and experiential through sound, image and montage, while exploring both cinematic beauty and experimental absurdity, playing with psychological depths and the humorous banality of life. The short film is a build up to a feature, which will follow the same character. * Anais: Mid-twenties female with olive skin and long mousy brown hair, Anais is not traditionally beautiful, it’s more of a mystery behind her eyes that pulls in the rare obscure admirer. She is comfortable with her own solitude, though this may be perceived as shyness. Ethnicity: Must speak English at a level of being taken for British or American, but open to different ethnicities and nationalities. Age Range: 20 yrs: 30 yrs * Miguel: A young, slender twenty something male with tan skin and dark hair, he appears of Italian, Portuguese, or Brazilian descent, and is able to speak English and some Italian. Age Range: 20 yrs: 30 yrs * Mrs. Davenport: A sharply dressed, older, fairly wealthy Anglo Saxon woman who looks like she has taken care of herself over the years. Her beauty still present, elegant, classy, and unexpected. Ethnicity: Looking for someone who appears Anglo-Saxan, but open to those of different ethnicities and nationalities. Age-Range: 35-60 yrs See details & apply on Mandy:

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