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localisation: Zürich, Suisse
langues: English, German, Afrikaans
Fully Bilingual (English & German) actress working internationally on Film and Television projects, comfortable with various accents and genres.
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Monologue:Southern Accent
Lunch with Hitler
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This clip is in neutral South African English, which was not available on the drop down menu.
Deborah Lettner, âges de jeu29 to 43, female.

I am a half Swiss, half Austrian actress, born and raised in South Africa (bilingual native level German and English). Despite having done a fair amount of theatre, mostly Shakespeare, early on in my career, I chose to focus on film and television, where I was lucky to work on both local (South African) and international (German, American & British) projects. I gravitate toward the more dramatic roles, but have equally enjoyed the occasions I got the opportunity to play comedic roles. I have a good ear for accents, was a dancer until my early 20s (I still do sporadic classes) and ride horses whenever I get the opportunity.

Documents & Licences
  • EU/EEA/EFTA Passport
  • Car Licence
Sports: horse riding, snooker/pool, swimming
Danse: ballroom, jazz, ballet