Casting Notice

EUROPE: various for feature film in Morocco

For “Never Let Go”, a feature set in Morocco, filming in September: October, the following roles are open: * Male, 41-50, Hassan: Moroccan Local cop. Weathered/overworked/experienced look. Ability to speak Arabic. * Female, 31-40, Jeanette: American Dark haired, kind features, efficient looking, energetic. * Female, 31-40, Rania: Moroccan local cop Ambitious, soft spoken but able to get tough when required. Ability to speak Arabic. * Female, 41-50, Nancy: American Sweet/vulnerable looking but able to play threatening when needed. * Male, 41-50, Vladislav: Eastern European Tall/slim, charismatic, charming, intense and able to play psychotic. * Female, 51-60, Marie: American Slim, light or blond hair, withdrawn, able to portray heavy emotional baggage. * Female, 25-30, Emma: British Attractive, sweet, caring/kind features, soft voice. * Male, 25-30, Tom: British Good looking, kind features, clean shaven but able to grow full stubble. * Male, 25-30, Farid: Moroccan Good looking, toned, broad smile, way too charming. * Female, 25-30, Bouchra: Moroccan local young woman. Very slim (playing from a poor family) ability to convey sadness but with wisdom. Able to speak some Arabic. * Female, 18-24, Amina: Moroccan Meak, soft spoken, vulnerable looking. Other minor but interesting roles available, Showreel material with dialogue essential for all speaking roles. All applicants must have passports and be willing to travel. All applicants mail to: specifying role.

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