EUROPE: actors (m) 45-55, Spanish or German spkrs, for corporate shoot in Milan [P] – enCAST
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EUROPE: actors (m) 45-55, Spanish or German spkrs, for corporate shoot in Milan [P]

ref # 207501

closing date: Monday, 3rd April, 2023 (week 14)

project title: Skillgym
production type: shoot
pay: paid

looking for actors
based in/around: Europe

about the project

For our client SKILLGYM, a role-playing platform for critical business conversation, 'Lifelike' is looking for 2 male actors.

About our company:
'Lifelike' develops highly immersive simulations based on artificial intelligence and interactive cinema. We believe the total and complete emotional engagement of the user is necessary to obtain effective training results. Our simulations improve people’s automatic behaviours because they allow the user to gather experience from continuous and contextualized feedback in a highly realistic, unpredictable, and dynamic simulation environment. Our simulators provide an immersive life-like environment where the user is invited to interact with a counterpart (a real actor) to achieve a specific, declared, target.

2 days of shooting near Milano between 26th and 28th of April 2023 (arrival the day before the shoot, departure at the end of the shoot on the 2nd day).

Fee: 700 euro + 100 euro covid test reimb

We are looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | male
playing age: 45 - 55
role languages: Spanish
1 Actor, 45+, speaking Spanish as native speaker.

(shooting dates 27+28 of April)
role 2 | actors | male
playing age: 45 - 55
role languages: German
1 Actor, 45+, speaking German as native speaker.

(shooting dates 25+26 of April)

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  • Stefan Woelk Sub ID:
    Hello, my name is Stefan Woelk and I am actor from Germany located next to Frankfurt. I apply for your project shooting in Milano. I appeared in several International feature films imcluding "The Pilot A Battle For Survival" and "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" and of course also in 2021 the Spanish Netflix series " Jaguar" I am happy if you like my profile thank you and I am honoured to apply for your project shooting. Have a great day and thank you for your time. Telephone: +4917696981609 kind regards Stefan
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  • Jonathan Neira Sub ID:
    Hi I’m Jonathan Actor and musician And I’m interested in the Spanish role I have experience in film, tv and theater Best regards J
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  • Frits Soetmann Sub ID:
    Hi, I would like to apply for a part in this production. My name is Frits Soetmann. Fit Dutch sporty guy, 59 year of age. Looking much younger though. I speak German (please find attached my language reel), English and Dutch. The last 6 years I have been in over 40 series and film productions in Finland and Holland. Like Kaisari Aarnio, Pohjan Laki, MS Romantic, Karppi I,II and III Sorjonen I II and III, Sorjonen movie,  suunontailounas, Tove, Syke, Syke movie, Rahti, Karkurit, Maria Kallio, Roba,  Vuosisadän häät, Tansport l, kaikki synnit Capacity, Wolt, Ifolor, atria, Op Pankki and HIV --commercial, Poromaffia, hyväveli, police crimes and many more.
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  • Adriaen Valéry Burgis Sub ID:
    Dear Sir or Madam: Today I saw your casting call and I would like to apply for the German role. Included with this letter is a copy of my current resume and a list of film credits that highlight my experience and accomplishments. So I hope that I have managed to get your attention and to be invited. I would be pleased to explain my qualities in greater detail and satisfy any questions you might have about me in a first interview. Sincerely, Adriaen
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  • David Eicler Sub ID:
    Hello, I‘m interested to be part of your project. I live in Cologne, Germany and I speak German as native speaker. CV + showreel included. Best regards, David
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  • Freigeist van Tazzy Sub ID:
    Hello, I am German-born, living in Switzerland near Zürich. Hence, I am speaking standard German - not Swiss German, and it is easy for me to travel to Milan. I am very interested in a role, highly motivated and flexible on dates and time. Thanks and regards Jorg Muller, stage name Freigeist van Tazzy
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