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localización: Malta, Malta
Seán is a highly experienced European film and tv actor having worked with award winning directors such as Ridley Scott, Roland Joffe, and Gabriele Salvatores amongst others. He often plays powerful men: diplomats, bosses, lawyers, politicians and so on - often with a hint of irony!
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Reels de Vox (Idiomas)
RP, standard, Norfolk/Norwich, London, and many others including Australian, American, etc.
Misc clips from films where I play Americans
Seán James Sutton, edades de los papeles que representas49 to 64, male.

Physical Basics:

  • height: 180
  • weight: 80kg
  • eyes: brown
  • tattoo right shoulder
Documentos & Permisos
  • EU Residence Card, UK Passport, EU Proof of Covid Vaccination
  • Car Licence, Motorbike Licence
Deportes:martial arts, snooker/pool
Instrumentos:drums, flute
Otros:military training/experience