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un actor pro en enCAST
localización: Berlin, Alemania
idomas: English, German
Jaymes Butler , Has been working in the Film & Television over a decade. He brings his experience and positive work ethic to every set and therefore is enjoyable to work with. more about Jaymes can be found on the links below.
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Jaymes Butler
Reels de Vox (Idiomas)
American Accent / English
Jaymes Butler , edades de los papeles que representas45 to 55, male.

Agency contact : Crawford Talents , Berlin

Uhlandstraße 53 | 10719 Berlin  | 

E Mail: info@crawfordtalents.com


Stunt experience , Military coord

Documentos & Permisos
  • US Passport, EU Residence Card
  • Car Licence, Motorbike Licence, Lorry/Truck Licence
Deportes:martial arts, weightlifting, rugby
Bailes:hip hop
Otros:military training/experience, stage combat training