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Credits include: Mercy Land (2023), Kin (2023), Placebo (2022), Amazon and Apple TV+. IMMUNE (2020). A multi-award winning actor (X2 Best Actor).
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I speak with an RP accent, although I am able to speak English with various other accents.
Here I play Dr Watson (Sherlock Holmes). The accent is RP. I can also do Cockney, London, South England and north England
Here I play character Goblin. The Language is Dutch with a general dutch accent with a UK 'lilt'.
Here I play character Guard. The language is Dutch. the accent has an English 'lilt' to it.
Here I play character Lochness. The accent is Scottish. I am able to deliver English in various other accents.
Drew Elston, playing ages 28 to 43, male.

Drew Elston is an English male actor born in Hampshire, UK. He is known for playing 'Pelt' in the action movie Mercy Land (2023), using his stunt and screen fighting skills, directed by Simon Rickards, playing lead role 'Adam' in Kin (2023), a horror movie, Directed by Michael Bowen, playing 'Writer' in feature film Placebo (2022), Directed by Sunny Dhinsey, which is on Amazon and Apple TV+. Drew won two Best Actor awards (lead role) for this film in 2022 & 2023, respectively. Immune (2020), where he played lead role 'Dr John O'Connor' inspired by 'Terminator' films in which he was nominated for Best Actor, directed by Robert MacFarlane. He also played 'Brother Kost', an alien in Gary O'Briens', Star Trek - The Holy Core (2019). He also played Pilot 'Baines', alongside Daan Schuurmans, Fedja van Huet & Anniek Pheifer in TV Series Turbulent Skies (also known as 'Vliegende Hollanders') for (NPO) (2020) in the Netherlands, directed by Joram Lürsen, Martin Temple in 'Time Will Tell' (2018), directed by Tonnie Dinjens and Tom in 'The Girl on The Park Bench' (2015), directed by Floris Schafer. Drew is currently filming as 'Arthur' in the action movie 'Buckle Up' alongside Eric Roberts and Michael Madsen.

His other notable credits include the lead role in the award winning 'Maakt het Groots' (Make It Big!) film, directed by Benny Vandendriessche for Pathé Cinema (2017), receiving the Bronze Lamp ACDN Award in 2017, lead role Ludd in the web-series Frequency: Delirium (2018) and lead role Lee Jessop in 'Incarcerator' at The Criterion Theatre Piccadilly (2010). His notable Stage credits include playing Steve The Nutter in David Eldridge's Market Boy at The Union Theatre, directed by Nicky Allpress (2019) and Dennis in Mike Bartlett's 13 at Jackson's Lane Theatre, directed by Oscar Pearce 2019. Drew can sing, dance, act on stage and screen and loves telling stories. He has martial arts skills, screen and stage combat, has motorbike and car licenses and will soon get his skydiving license too, to solo-jump anywhere in the world. 

Documents & Licences
  • UK Passport, EU Residence Card
  • Car Licence, Motorbike Licence
Sports: horse riding, running/jogging, cycling, skiing, football/soccer, snooker/pool, swimming, martial arts, baseball
Dance: σύγχρονος
Singing: musical theatre, opera, jazz
Instruments: piano/keyboards, acoustic guitar
Other: stage combat training