Casting Notice

DUBAI: female actor, 30-35, for short

Our main and only character is a house maid for a well-to-do family who she sees as her own. Each week in an empty house we see her as a perfectionist who takes pride in her work. However, when she starts to see changes in the messes left behind, she begins to unravel. Instead of her usual duties of dusting family photos and picking up children’s toys, she finds herself cleaning up the debris of another woman in her space. And it’s war. We are looking for an actress (age 30-35) who can carry this short film (estimating about 15-20 minutes) and make it something we can’t take our eyes off of. It’s a wonderful opportunity for a character study and portfolio piece that has elements of drama and comedy. Our character has to be able to pull off someone who is incredibly nurturing, devoted, maybe slightly OCD and just unhinged enough to take this battle between herself slightly too far. Shooting May 2015 Non-paid, but flights, accommodation, expenses, etc will be covered. The film will be shot in Dubai in late May over the course of 3 to 4 days on one location. We are happy to audition online, as we are looking for international talent to get involved in our project. CONTACT Jolianne Ray with your full details

This casting is now closed.

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