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Standort: Brussels, Belgium
Sprachen: English
I am a British actor, based in Belgium (though only working professionally in English) with over 30 years experience in film, TV, voice over and theatre and advertising. I'm also a corporate role-player, facilitator and presenter as well as a voice coach.
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Jonathon Sawdon, Spielalter 48 an 58, male.

I am a British actor with dual British/Belgian nationality making me ideally placed to work throughout Europe.  I am 1.83m tall and of solid build with salt and pepper hair.

With over 30 years experience I have numerous credits ranging from TV and film to corporate videos and voice overs. I am adept at playing corporate and official types such as businessmen and police detectives as well as teachers and father figures but relish playing darker, villainous characters. On top of acting, I'm also a drama teacher, corporate trainer and role player as well as voice coach to the industry and business sector.

I am currently without an agent but actively seeking representation. 

Dokumente & Lizenzen
  • EU Residence Card, UK Passport, EU Proof of Covid Vaccination
  • Car Licence
Sport: swimming