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Standort: Barcelona, Spanien
Sprachen: English, French, Spanish
I am a French-Californian with roots in the Mediterranean, both ethnic and cultural. I work on both sides of the Atlantic and look forward to this always being the case. My kids, acting, improv, languages, exercise, the coastline, a good script and the occasional glass of wine are my life.
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California - North and South, East Coast - New York City, Southern/Cajun, Latinx - Chicano, Neoyorican, Mexican, Spaniard, Mexican.
Standard Iberian- voice over, Barcelona, Argentine, Cuban, Mexican, Moroccan, Eastern-European.
Colin Morgan, Spielalter 40 an 55, male.

Coming from an already mixed background and being a longtime expat, I enjoy playing the cultural chameleon and occasionally losing myself in a role outside of my background. Breathing life into characters who have a voice, who speak their truth, who perceive injustice, who rage against it and yet who, ironically, feel unheard and even marginalized, is what I do best. I am often called upon to play the one character who breaks the silence and gets everyone else to think, at the risk of becoming persona non-gratta; more often than not facing the tragic consequences of today's whistle-blower. It was Dr. Martin Luther King who once said, quote, "A riot is, at base, the language of the unheard", and I can see my characters wanting to do just that, biding their time and waiting for the right moment to light a match.

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