Casting Notice

CHINA: foreign actors for webseries

Floating City is now casting! We are very excited to announce a unique web series targeting a growing and under-served community, foreigners in Shanghai. Shanghai based actors only. Floating City follows the lives of Shanghai’s temporary foreign residents, specifically, young professionals in the French Concession. The series plays on the comedy of foreigners’ expectations of what they will achieve, learn and experience in Shanghai versus their reality. The first season focuses on Jenny, an English teacher who wants to turn her life around. Actors/Actresses joining us from the pilot episode, will be able to take part in the first project of this kind. This is a particularly good opportunity for anyone looking to increase their exposure, as the episodes will be posted regularly and available to view for free online. KEY DATES Auditions: September 20 and September 21 By appointment. Call Backs: September 26 Shooting Starts: Nov 8, 2014 Shooting Ends: Nov 16, 2014 (Note: Shooting will take place for the two weekends within that time frame: Nov. 8-9 and Nov. 16-17) Compensation: Food and transportation will be covered and actors will receive copies of the DVD. CHARACTER BIOS Female Age: 25-30 Native English speaker. Can speak some Chinese. After another close friend leaves Shanghai, she decides to finally get her life together. She reduces her English teaching hours to part time and begins to pursue her dream career as an investigative journalist. She is hard working, focused but a bit too idealistic for her own good. Female Age: 23-26 Native English speaker. Able to speak some French is a plus. New to Shanghai and only planning to stay for a few months while interning at an art gallery. She is intent on becoming fluent in Mandarin during her short stay and eager to have an “authentic” Shanghai experience. Male Age: 28-32 Native English speaker. Speaks Mandarin. Confident, charismatic and outgoing. He has successfully navigated himself from an English teacher into a lucrative career in international banking. Having achieved his goals beyond his expectations, he begins to feel like something in his life is missing. He spends most of his time at the office and in cheesy foreigner bars. Female Age: 23-28 Japanese. Speaks English well. Artist, works at an art gallery in Shanghai. Sees through situations and people, speaks bluntly to them. Out of all of the characters, she is the only one able to see Shanghai clearly for what it is, a beautiful and chaotic combination of commercialism, exploitation and genuine opportunities. Male Age: 23-26 Native French speaker, Speaks English and basic Chinese. Elects to complete his MBA with a yearlong study program in Shanghai. He hopes to see the world and delay his boring and inevitable career path at home. Do NOT apply for this job unless you fit ALL the characteristics and can attend an audition (which is not paid) in the location above. See here on how to apply to this casting notice: Send your details: including 2 photos (max 100kb), your CV and a link to your showreel (required): to the following address:

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