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CHINA: all nationalities for voice work/broadcasting

Jin Nuo Jia Yin International Media Co., Ltd. is committed to high-quality professional audio production services. As a whole chain of voice services platform, JinNuoJiaYin pay attention on its service quality, strive for perfection, excellence, and abide by the principle of “Golden quality, good service”. We always put customer satisfaction at the first place, so that customers’ interests get the most effective protection. Till now, JinNuoJiaYin has more than 20 full-time Chinese dubbing professionals and more than 50 Chinese part-time dubbing stuffs. We also have more than 30 long term foreign vocal professions from different origins, including United Kingdom, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea, India and other 21 kinds of commonly used languages ​​or minority languages. Now JinNuoJiaYin is inviting you to our team, to be part of us! Position Summary: This position (Foreign broadcasters/vocal specialists) is based in Beijing. You will serve as the heart of the audio production team. You speak one or more than one languages (EXCEPT CHINESE) as NATIVE LANGUAGE. Responsibility: 1. Perform (vocally) according to the script 2. Make changes/ improvements/ communicate with to your vocal coach Requirement: You are NATIVE speakers of other languages (not including Chinese), you can speak the that language fluently and standard. You are recently living in Beijing. Benefits: 1. No contract, salary paid by cash 2. Free vocal coach training and advices 3. Being able to make friends and get connected to more local or international people 4. Chances of getting popular in Chinese media, or signing long-term contact with JinNuoJiaYin Company Please email your details to:

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