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This is an entire e-guide looking at the issues involved when acting in intimate scenes; dealing with kissing, nudity & sex on screen. Begin with the intro and work your way through, or dip in and out as needed.
Almost every mainstream film made these days contains at least one scene involving intimacy: kissing, nudity, some form of sex.
But before we launch into the guide proper, here are a few words on what we mean when we talk
Now that the definitions are out of the way, we can talk about what you'll find here and who we
To begin with, let's talk about something incredibly important. Let's talk about boundaries. Whilst we have to say that the
Boundaries out of the way, let's begin by looking at the casting process which, in most cases, starts by checking
Let's assume then that you've applied to a casting call and been offered an audition. Here's what happens next. Chances
It is very rare indeed that any professional first audition will contain any kind of intimacy no matter how much
So, you have been through the casting process and been offered a role. Congratulations! The likelihood is that next you'll
One question you might like to raise is whether the sex scene will be filmed on a “closed set”. This
Everything is organised and tomorrow you'll shoot your intimate scene so let's prepare some basics. Did you know that when
Rehearsing with a 3rd party When you prepare for an intimate scene, you may well rehearse and talk about improvising
Depending on the production, if it's an intimate scene you will often be given various items of clothing to cover
After all the preparation, the time has come to shoot the scene. What new actors will often say after shooting
Some movies claim to include unsimulated sex. They claim, for instance, that during such-and-such a scene the male lead did
Good acting is not about what you do, but about how you do it. Anyone can learn their lines, sit
A lot of new or inexperienced actors have said they find sex scenes mess with their head. You might be
Here we present a few stories from actors who have been there and done it... A few little snippets to
When all is said and done there really is only a few words to say about sex and the actor