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For a major new motion picture set during the Second World War and filming in Turkey, enCAST are casting for the following characters.

The roles are well paid, shooting in Turkey from mid-May onwards. 

If you fit any of these characters, click on the link to learn more and apply!

ADOLF HITLER – male, 55, German (with some English

ALAN FRANCIS BROOKE – male, 60, British

See this Wikipedia entry on Brooke or click the name above to see the casting notice.

WILHELM CANARIS – male, 45-50, German (with some English)

See this Wikipedia entry on Canaris or click the name above to see the casting notice.

WIFE OF MOYZISCH – female, 25-30, German (with some English)

See the casting notice for more details.

HUGHE HUGESSEN – male, 60, British

The British Ambassador to Turkey. Was been there 5 and a half years between 1939-1944. A classic English Gentleman from a noble family (Eton, Oxbridge). An opera lover with vaguely homosexual tendencies which he successfully hides in his daily life. Although a British patriot, he avoided reporting a document burglary at the embassy in order to save himself.

ALFIE – male, 80, British

Old and faithful (and hard of hearing) butler at The British Embassy. For seven generations all the men in his family have served as a butler. His son is still the butler to the British Ambassador in India, and his grandson is one of butlers who serves The King in Buckingham Palace.

CARL MOYZISCH – male, 38, German native speaker (and English speaker)

In 1941, he came to Turkey as a diplomatic attaché of Nazi Germany Embassy in Ankara, but in reality he was a German Secret Service Agent. An army officer who is utterly faithful to Hitler. Ambitious and cold. Hates Jews. Cruel. He cannot get along with Ambassador Von Papen at all and has passionate feelings for his secretary, Cornelia Kapp. He is the kind of man who will do any kind of evil thing in order to get what he wants. However, from the outside he looks as if he is a family man. Utterly coldblooded, he is good at hiding his true feelings. He pays attention to his clothing and uses Brilliantine for his hair. He has a cold and distant relationship with his wife but is very fond of his son, and this is his weak spot. According to him, his son is the ultimate representation of the Aryan race and he thus despises Cornelia Kapp’s son Marcus, who has Down syndrome.

CORNELİA KAPP – female, 30, German native speaker (and English speaker)

She works as Carl Moyzisch’s secretary in the German Embassy. An extremely beautiful and attractive woman, she has a son, Marcus, with Down syndrome. She was married for a short time and her ex-husband is an incompetent and alcoholic theatre player back in Germany. Her husband left Cornelia when he found out that their child had Down syndrome. After this, Cornelia asked for a foreign mission from the ministry of foreign affairs and as a result she was sent to Turkey. Her political views are against Hitler, however she never expresses or shows her views. While working in German Embassy, she met by chance Wellington, the security manager of The British Embassy. With his guidance, she started to share unimportant anti-German information to the British. Moyzisch has been making a move on Cornelia from the day she started work but she has always rejected him. Because of T-4 program started by the German Government, (to round up and kill all disabled and sick German children in designated facilities) she is however forced to obey Moyzisch. But her life changes completely when she falls in love with Cicero. When Moyzisch realizes that she works for the British and has fallen in love with Cicero, he decides to send Marcus to the T-4 camp and Cornelia to jail.

FRANZ VON PAPEN – male, 60, German native speaker (and English speaker) 

German statesman and diplomat who played an important role in Hitler’s coming to power in 1933. He was also the German ambassador in Turkey between 1939-1944. He now stands against Hitler. His opposition is due to him being an old German General. In WWI, when Von Papen was a general in the German Army, Hitler was a corporal and he has stayed that way Papen’s eyes. He has noble blood which makes him somewhat arrogant. He hates Moyzisch and men like him but he does not have enough power to dismiss Moyzisch. He is not liked among Nazis but because he knows Turkish (and was serving in Turkey during WWI) he was appointed as ambassador. He has a weapon collection, perhaps his most valuable possession which he enjoys cleaning every day.

WELLINGTON – male, 40, British

Security Manager at the British Embassy. A big, athletic man. Son of a working class family from Liverpool, strong as a bull and handsome. He does not drink alcohol or smoke. He practices boxing and bodybuilding. Was married once but now divorced with no children. His nickname in the embassy is ironically Tiny due to his big size. He has a trustworthy face which is why he lies comfortably. He is committed to his job enough to kill someone if necessary. He might have a secret gambling passion.

Actors for the following roles must look like their historical counterparts.


Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin

WINSTON CHURCHILL – male, 65, British

British politician. In 1940 he was appointed as the prime minister of England, instead of Neville Chamberlain. In WWII the war policy that he followed and the good relations he established with Roosevelt, put him amongst the most important statesmen in British history. At the same time, he also worked with the Russians on the strategy that The Allies tried to shift towards the Balkans. However, he was afraid that USSR would become dominant here. That’s why he tried to get Turkey involved in the WWII due its strategic importance since the beginning of this war.

JOSEF STALIN – male, 65, Russian (speaking English)

Soviet statesman of Georgian origin. During the WWII, worked as a party leader, head of government and chief commander of the Soviet Army. A statesman who gained strength following the death of Lenin in the USSR. A leader who has ruled the country for 30 years as a dictatorship, who does not hesitate for a moment punishing those who are against him with death and exile. A controversial personality held responsible for the killing of millions of people.

FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT – male, 60, speaking American English

He is the 32nd president of the United States and the longest serving president. In 1940, when WWII began, Roosevelt’s presidency remained neutral. However, they found themselves drawn into the war with the attack of Japanese army after Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt served as the president of USA during most of the war. He took the Allied lead against Germany, Italy and Japan. In 1945, in the final year of the war when the Allies began to sense victory, he suddenly became ill and died in office. Harry S. Truman, who was vice president, took his place.

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    Hi there

    I am a professional actress, I speak english fluently and I am very interested to cast for your film.

    I’m sending to you some links below in order to have an idea of my profile.

    I’ve played  around 20 short movies and some fiction.

    I am part of National Theatre of Kosova.

    You can contact me via email [removed]

    best regards

    Lena Bokshi

    Jenny @ enCAST
    Jenny @ enCAST

    Hi Lena,

    What you need to do is click on the role you’d like to apply to and then using the casting form on that page.

    Let me know if you need more on this.



    Hi Jenny

    First of all thank you for the reply. Since I’m new in this site, I still don’t know how to apply for casting. I clicked on the role that I wanted to do a casting but then I did not understand how to apply.

    Can you please help me on that? I would appreciate it a lot.

    thank you


    Jenny @ enCAST
    Jenny @ enCAST

    Hi Lena,

    When you go to the casting notice page you can see the yellow box which tells you the status of the casting. This is explained in more detail in our FAQ here:

    If there’s a link in the yellow box you can click to apply; otherwise there’s a message there which you can read about here:

    What message do you see there when you visit the casting notice?


    •  Hello
    • I tried to apply to that casting too and I do not see a yellow box that allows me to. As far as I can understand, one cannot apply to any casting if it is a Free Actor account, right? So why should we use it for then?
    Jenny @ enCAST
    Jenny @ enCAST

    Hi Miruna,

    This FAQ explains the messages you might see in the yellow box:

    Some of the castings on the site are free to apply from all accounts; these are generally expenses only or low paid jobs but can include other paid castings.



    Good afternoon, my name is Vadim Pavlenko.
    Russian-Ukrainian stuntman, actor. I would like to work in Turkey and on your wonderful project. there will be a lot of work as a trick and acting.
    Shower and information, you can see on my page.
    Thank you

    Jenny @ enCAST
    Jenny @ enCAST

    Please can you apply to the role through the casting notice. Thanks!

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