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BOSNIA/HERZEGOVINA: actors for feature film

“Seasons of War” is the directorial debut of the award-winning Seda Egridere and follows a young married couple in Sarajevo over the course of 4 years starting in Spring 1992 to the Winter of 1995. As the Siege of Sarajevo begins to affect their lives and relationship more and more, the destruction of the multiethnic capitol eventually mirrors the crumbling of their once harmonious marriage. Damir, a Muslim, and Jelena, a Serbian Orthodox, have never let their respective religious and national identities play any kind of important role in defining their relationship. They see themselves as Yugoslavians first and foremost, and happily participate in one another’s religious and cultural traditions when called for. However, once the conflict in Yugoslavia finally makes its way into the heart of Sarajevo, important decisions that they must make as a family are inevitably colored by the influence of cultural identity as nationalist pressure defines acceptable and unacceptable acts. Web: Apply to: Zach Nicodemous through the website above. * Jelena, 30, is a primary school teacher. She is Serbian Orthodox, but she defines herself as a Sarajevan much more than by her religion and nationality. She has aging parents that also live in the city who depend on her daily care. As a practical realist, she sees the need to flee the city immediately upon the outbreak of war in order to ensure the safety of her family. When Damir refuses to leave Sarajevo to establish a new life in Serbia, Jelena deals with the pain of separation and loneliness by pursuing casual sex and eventually finds a new husband by the end of the war . Partial nudity * Damir, 35, is a Bosnian Muslim who was born and raised in Sarajevo. He works as a freelance carpenter. He loves children and is eager to start a family with Jelena, working fervently in his free time to construct a nursery for the child they have yet to conceive. When war breaks out, Damir feels obligated to stay in Sarajevo no matter how intense the violence becomes, to both retain the integrity of his Muslim community and to defy authoritarian Serbian oppression. Throughout the course of the film we see him transform from a happy, sober family man to a cynical survivalist who turns to drugs and alcohol to mentally escape from the atrocities of war that saturate his surroundings. Partial nudity * Tarik is a Bosnian Muslim in his thirties. Damir’s old friend from school. They reunite when Jelena wants Damir to consider getting fake documents to flee Sarajevo. Once Jelena leaves for Serbia, he takes Damir under his wing. He shows him the ins and outs of the black market, and introduces him to the controlled substances that Damir will eventually abuse as he desperately tries to cope with living in a war zone. * Srdjan is Jelena’s father, mid to late 60’s, loyal, optimistic, and supportive of his daughter. He still works full time in order to pay for his wife’s medical expenses. * Jovana is Jelena’s mother, mid to late 60’s, a woman with a mind like a steel trap but whose body has deteriorated in recent years due to MS. She is now dependent on daily care from Jelena since her husband works odd hours. * Samra is a young teen. Very smart, cute but slightly dorky. Damir’s wholesome niece. She comes over to hang out, play games, and sleep over at Damir and Jelena’s house whenever her mom, Munira, has a date or needs some alone time. Damir is the closest thing Samra has to a stable father figure. When Samra interacts with Damir, we can see just what a great, loving father he’d be. * Munira is Damir’s younger sister, early 30s. Dropped out of high school when she unexpectedly became pregnant with her daughter. She’s now a single mom who works full time to support her only child, but she’s still young and beautiful enough to attract many date offers.

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