actors: don’t get scammed!

Scam warning

This is a timely reminder to be careful you don’t get caught in an acting scam!

It’s unfortunate; it’s not common; but it does happen. And so you need to be on the look out. Here’s a good golden rule for you:

NEVER pay to attend a CASTING
NEVER pay to have an AGENT
NEVER accept payment by CHEQUE


Here is a little more on that…


If a casting call asks for just a few euros for you to attend, then don’t. It’s a rip off. You may be entirely unsuited for any role but they’ll still ask you along anyway just to get money. Meanwhile all you get is a wasted day.


If an agent asks for a fee up-front (or even monthly) to represent you, walk away. An agent makes money when they get work for you – if you give them money already, why should they even bother to try and get you work?

Oh, and if an agent will only represent you if you use their “in-house” photographer for some headshots, then walk away. An agent might recommend a photographer but always shop-around and don’t consider them if they insist you use their choice.

And sometimes they will only represent you if you take one of their courses. Again, walk away. (Legitimate agents will sometimes offer optional courses; but whether you take them or not is up to you.)

Remember, if a legitimate agent thinks you’re good then they’ll represent you without asking for a cent.


Occasionally you might have to put money forward to pay for your own transport to set (for example). If this happens then YOU buy the ticket (don’t send them the money to do it) and YOU arrange the transport and check with the production to get it reimbursed (if that’s been agreed beforehand).

But other than that, you should NEVER pay a single cent to a production for anything: clothes, catering, transport on site, whatever. 

If a production offers you a job as an actor and then asks for any money in any form whatsoever, then walk away!


This scam pops up every so often. What happens is this:

  1. you agree a fee for the work for, say, €1000
  2. the production send you a cheque for, say, €1500 and tell you to take out your fee (€1000) and send the rest of the money back to them or to a third party

But what really happens is this:

  1. the production send you a cheque for, say, €1500 which you put in your bank
  2. you take out your fee of €1000 and keep it; then you send €500 back to the production
  3. then six months later (it can take that long) the cheque bounces and your bank demand €1500 from you

Which means you have lost €1500 and what makes it worse is that you’ve send €500 to the production who have by now disappeared!

So the golden rule here to stop this is simple: don’t accept payment by cheque!

If you have ANY questions or concerns about a possible acting scam, then by all means feel free to get in touch with us (or comment below) and we will help. In fact, we’d like to hear from you so we can make sure this page stays up to date and we can warn others!

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